Sophia, a /webdev/ 🌧️

Hey there, I'm Sophia. I'm a 26-years-old normie from South Korea, mainly works with overall /webdev/ techs. Currently, I'm working as full-time developer.

when I work, I mainly use react, node, typescript but whether if it's about back-end or front-end, I really love to make my own development environment and component sets. You can check out my handwritten source codes on my GitHub profile.

As you can see, as a nerdy workaholic, I use to spend most of my waking time developing. and now I'm interested in and learning Graphics Development (especially 3D, shading, etc.), Machine Learning, UI·UX Design.

and I also spend my off-developing time with watching movies, listening musics. and love to drink, particularly interested in cocktails. so I'm preparing for a craftsman bartender license. If you want to know more about whom this nerd is, take a look on my personal blog.

Anytime you want to contact, feel free to send mails here. or if you want more immediate reply, please send me PMs through Discord or KakaoTalk. I'll reply you as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading this pitiful introduction, wish you all the best. <3